A Tribute to First Responders and Veterans

Music Line Up

Featuring Nashville Recording Artist and Local Artist

Jay Valor 

Travis Rice

Mason Pace Band

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Bianca Jazmine

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Jillian Grace

Sarah Hardwig

Jodi Gaines

Artist's BIos

Jay Valor is a breath of fresh air in a musical climate lacking substance. Jay Valor and his band have given South Florida music a run for its money providing quality songs filled with passion and immense attention to detail. From bars to bayous Jay Valor's songs have touched a variety of music lovers in Florida and beyond.


With his bold vocals and rugged allure, there’s certain chemistry when a great vocalist collides with southern country songs. The impact is undeniable. Travis Rice’s confident baritone voice and winning stage presence have earned the adoration of country music fans for several years and he is now ready to show the industry what he’s made of.

Bianca Jazmine is a pop-rock singer-songwriter & band with an insightful message to advocate for peace, empathy, and unity. She hopes to encourage everyone to embrace their individuality, and use our unique personalities and ideas to help others and bring the world together.

A singer-songwriter and musician, Mason Pace is a Young Artist on the rise. Mason Pace got his start with Mark Hudson, the legendary Grammy Award Winning producer for acts like Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Hansen, Bon Jovi, and Cher.   Recently, Mason was given the honor to open for Joan Jett and Cheap Trick and his band won 'Best Artist' and 'Rising Star' Awards from the RIFF International Film Festival.  When not doing shows, Mason is in his studio writing and recording music and being an Ambassador for the Orianne & Phil Collins Little Dreams foundation.   Additionally, Mason holds his family and community close to his heart.   After the Valentine's Day Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, Mason contacted the Mayor of Boca Raton, celebrity artists, and called together fellow young artists, student body leaders and students to host a benefit, 'Concert for Douglas'.  In just 10 days they raised $6,000.  


Sarah Hardwig

Jillian Grace

Jodi Gaines